Monday, January 24, 2011

Stylist Blog Award

Shauna over at Craftee She has awarded me with the "Stylish Blogger Award". Wow, thank you so much Shauna. I visit your blog often and I love it. I am also honored. ♥
Now all she asks is for me to post 8 things about myself and then pass on the Award to 8 other blogger..
Ok to here it goes.
1. I have two daughters, Ashlee 25, Danielle(Danii)19.
2. 2 Grandkids. Yep that's right( I'm 44) Bryce 6 and Kali (mini me)2.
3. I'm not Married(divorced)but have a wonerful boyfriend Scot of ten yrs. He just bought me my imagine !!!!
4. We have five rescue dogs.. yes five.. I scoop alot of poop. lol. Max, Pepper, jackson, Maggie, Sidney.
5. I love to garden.
6. I have recently lost my parents both to strokes. I'm the baby and it has been a difficult 1 1/2 for me. Christmas was really hard this year. Lost my mom and 16 months later lost my Dad. I took care both of them for over 5 yrs, would do it all over again if given the chance. I love you mom and dad.
7. I live in Indiana !!! and Baby it's cold and lots of snow.
8. Like Shauna we have Saturday Wii night with friends. Just Dance is a hoot, I have two left feet but the boys, who said men could dance. lol
Now enough about me, Now I have to pick 8 other bloggers for this award. How to pick just 8, there are so many out there.

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