Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Haunted Halloween Bar.

Well this is me and the Haunted bar I work at. They call me the Queen of Halloween. I decorate it every year and this is my 6th yr. ( Yes, I'm starting tomorrow ugg. Takes me a week)It's taken me about 4 yrs to get everything, I even work at a Halloween Store for the discount. I wish I could show you all the pic, there is lots more that I have added. A bulter that I don't have a pic of, he is really cool. and I have a few more surpises for them this yr.


Marlene said...

Looks like a fun place to work!

Thank you so much for hopping by my blog during "The Little Hop of Horrors" Halloween Blog Hop this weekend. Very much appreciated!

Kristel said...

Looks really fantastic and scrary!!
Hugs Kristel

Val said...

What awesome decorations!! I love Halloween stuff:)